Return from Puglia – Our new recipe for Organic Bread Leaves with Ancient Wheat from Puglia and Sesame Seeds

After long months, interspersed with a health crisis…

“Ce l’abbiamo fatta !” / We made it! 💪

Proud to present our new recipe for organic bread leaves with ancient wheat from Puglia and sesame seeds!


A new recipe resulting from a long process taking into account all aspects of the food transition:


  • A new flour typical of Puglia
  • A local recipe, cooked 10 km from the wheat field 🌾
  • A new more economical and ecological format 💚
  • A single recyclable bag to limit waste ♻️

And all of this, to go to the end of our quality approach and offer you ever more committed moments of sharing.

We will explain everything to you!

Coming back to the land: an ancient and local flour

in search of the main ingredient

For our new recipe, we have decided to anchor our Organic Bread Sheets a little more deeply in the Apulian tradition, of which they are THE typical snack.

In search of an organic flour combining organoleptic and nutritional quality, we chose Khorasan wheat from the Kamut brand, which guarantees organic production and rich nutritional values. But if it is very popular in Italy today, Kamut wheat flour is not historically linked to the region and its gastronomy… so we set out in search of a product from the “pugliese region”… 👩🏼‍🌾

Senatore Cappelli old wheat flour

During our peregrination in Italy, we discovered and selected the Senateore Cappelli wheat flour, an ancient hard wheat flour!
Selected at the beginning of the 1900s because it is rustic and suitable for bread making, this non-hybrid wheat bears the name of the father of agricultural modernization in the Puglia region.
Cultivated since then in the region, and widely distributed in Italy until the 1970s, it nevertheless almost disappeared, supplanted by hybridized wheat… 😥

At the time of Slow Food and a return to the agricultural roots of the territories, this rich wheat is experiencing a certain renaissance in Italy but remains little known in France.

Very digestible, it is nevertheless low in gluten and rich in minerals. Plus, it gives our new recipe a great toasted taste of “come back”! 👌🏽

A recipe more respectful for the environment


By opting for the old organic Senatore Cappelli wheat, we went further in the relocation of our recipe, by selecting a wheat and a flour produced only 10km from the workshop of our producer Biagio.

An asset for the economic support of the region and the recognition of local knowledge, but not only!

– This helps to reduce km and greenhouse gas emissions! 🌎
– The deep root establishment of this wheat means that it does not require chemical treatment. 🌱
– This wheat is also not very greedy in water, a boon for the dry lands of the south of Italy. 💧

On the cooking side, this new recipe is the result of a sophisticated method, less energy intensive, allowing to obtain a more airy and crispy dough, without using yeast! 🥖

Like the outside of the bag!

Look, it is available in an even greener format of 200g, more economical and more ecological!

For this, we have worked hand in hand with our producer and a local craftsman to develop a unique, made-to-measure bag, in recyclable kraft.

On the conservation side, that’s good! Sheltered from light with a metallic interior coating, and a shelf life of 12 months, our Organic Bread Sheets keep even better and longer (if you hold on until then ..). An anti-waste dimension which is dear to us!


🌞 Apero Time ! How to taste them?

This crunchy, lightly toasted recipe is light and can be enjoyed on its own as a snack or accompanied by other recipes in the range,
It allows you to taste all of our recipes without altering them!
These bread sheets will therefore be perfect with characterful recipes such as our Mackerels Rillettes with organic Mustard, with our PDO basil and Parmesan fine cream, or even with our more subtle recipes, such as the Fine Green Lucques Olives Cream!

And for food professionals?

Want more information on Organic Ancient Wheat and Sesame Seed Bread Sheets for setting up your appetizer boards?

Mixologist friends, oenologists, chefs, wine merchants or gourmets, discover the technical sheet on the pro site.

Something to inspire you to create great pairings for your new card.


Some inspirations for a crisp appetizer

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