Conquering the green diamond: the French Green Olive

A regular at the aperitif table, the Green Olive has been one of the most popular classics for a long time to enjoy a drink on the terrace. Often from the end of the world,
– (sad observation, less than 2% of olives consumed in France are French) it becomes an industrial dish that goes everywhere..
And yet the olive groves dot the French landscapes and are the pride of several terroirs who excel in the cultivation of this green gold! 😋

What if we promoted French organic green olives on aperitif tables?
A way of relocating our consumption to perpetuate (and develop) this coveted French culture…

Direction Occitanie! 🕊️

From the twig to the spoon

For our new spring recipe, we tasted the terroirs and the olive groves of France to find the rare pearl, a 100% French olive – from a short and sustainable supply chain.

It was only natural that we put our suitcases in a corner of Occitanie, at the foot of the olive trees of Lucques du Languedoc.

It was on this emblematic terroir, in Hérault, that we met our producer Pierre, who cultivates these bright green berries with a lunar silhouette organically and in permaculture.

Sun-drenched, the Lucques Olives that we have selected rub shoulders with beehives, hens and soup vegetables. They are delicately harvested when ripe in the fall, respecting the seasons, then carefully prepared to delight us all year round!

A delicate recipe full of pep

To sublimate this precious fruit, praised for its firm and fragrant flesh from which we make a fabulous oil, we have kept a simple and natural recipe, preserving its subtle aromas of raw hazelnut and artichoke.

Our Fine Green Lucques Olives Cream contains 84% of its precious crushed flesh, then emulsified with local olive oil to obtain a texture that is both airy and delicious.

To enhance its aromas and allow its natural preservation, you simply add lemon juice and a touch of garlic.

And that’s all! Still no artificial flavors or colors in our recipes: controlled cooking naturally preserves the bright color and delicate taste.

This recipe, which is suitable for vegan and lactose-free diets, will bring vitality and pep to all your spring aperitifs!

🍷 What do we drink with that?

To stay on fruity and local notes, choose a fresh Languedoc Rosé, or the sweet and sparkling side of the Rhine of a Moscato d´Asti.

And for food professionals?

Want more information on Fine Green Lucques Olives Cream to create an aperitif offer?
Mixologist friends, oenologists, chefs, wine merchants or gourmets, discover all the information on the pro site.
Something to inspire you to create great pairings for your new card.


Some ideas to spice up your spring aperitifs

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