Chickpeas: quite a story before the recipe

As we told you about in our article The Sources of Chickpeas, we have put this “sunshine pea” at the heart of one of our recipes: Organic Fine Chickpea Cream with Lemon and Cumin.

But beyond its thousand nutritional virtues, this graceful legume is the proud representative of an art of living, a tumultuous historical past and a gastronomy that the whole world envies!


Considered a real food-medicine, it is also used as a powder or as a poultice against skin ailments, before being limited to cooking.

It is thus gradually taking its place in the diet of the Mediterranean basin and is still establishing itself today as a founding food of local gastronomy.

Far from being limited to its status as a star of hummus, chickpeas have conquered and characterized Mediterranean and Provençal cuisine.

Its origins are multiple. It would have arrived on European plates in the Middle Ages, brought back from the Middle East as a crusading treasure.

Other sources show it was under the name “Kickere”, the staple food in northern Greece, since ancient times! Following the Latin conquests it became “cecer” and spread to northern Europe.


The chickpea says a lot about the history of Provence and its land bathed in sunlight and cultures.

In all its forms, it has taken its place in the emblematic recipes of the Provençal culinary heritage. In flour, it is the base of Panisse, and Farinata (opposite). Of Italian inspiration, these simple, nutritious and economical recipes bear witness to the meeting of cultures.

It is also used as a base for savory pies or simply in salads where it is classically spiced up with onion, garlic, tomato and of course … olive oil! Without forgetting the famous Provençal poichichade and its cousin, his majesty the hummus, chickpea puree with sesame which has become in a few years the bestseller of bistro menus…

A classic revisited by us

Symbol of the terroir, essential for aperitifs and conviviality, it is only natural that we were inspired by Houmous for our Organic Fine Chickpea Cream with Lemon and Cumin.

We could have stopped there, but no! We wanted a very smooth texture, more fluid than the classic Mediterranean hummus, to provide a nice creaminess to dip in crunchy vegetables.

We have favored a just and simple seasoning: lemon for the acidity, cumin for the Mediterranean touch and white pepper for the spiciness on the finish. No more garlic for more lightness! You like it?

Finally for roundness, our Organic Fine Chickpea Cream with Lemon and Cumin is emulsified with organic olive oil from Provence with delicious black fruit.

To the kitchen!

For a taste of the holidays, integrate chickpeas into the heart of your kitchen! We have concocted four stylish recipes that smell of the Mediterranean!
Top to sublimate and enjoy the Provençal sun in a thousand ways with our Organic Fine Chickpea Cream with Lemon and Cumin!

To know everything about the behind the scenes preparation of our Organic Fine Chickpea Cream with Lemon and Cumin, we will take you to meet our Superproductress!

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