Julien is the artistic director of Superproducteur but also ceramist-designer. We wanted to create with him a full tasting experience of the Superproducteur products. Therefore we have asked him to put forward his dual role of designer and artisan to design tailored kitchenware and make the very first series.

The meeting

Come back a few years – even a few decades earlier. While they were children the 2 brothers Julien and Franck (the co-founder of Superproducteur) spent their afternoons playing with Legos and building huts – the beginning of a long partnership! Today Julien has put away these activities (so does Frank) to devote himself to ceramics – which he masters all the manufacturing steps: he designs, draws, prototypes and makes the objects in his workshop near Paris.

The raw material

The Superprodcteur kitchenware is made from soil – earthenware which is a clay-based soil – and from enamels. The enamel is the fine vitrified layer that covers the clay and wraps up the object. Two kinds of enamels are used: a white silk-matt enamel and shiny colored enamels. The soil and the enamels are entirely made in France.

The founder

A graduate of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Julien is a true Jack-of-all-trades and is fascinated by all the creation processes. His passion for drawing and illustration led to a formation in object design and a first job alongside the designer Pierre Favresse. Then he designed objects and furniture for great furniture brands – such as Habitat and Cinna – before falling in love for ceramics which became his favourite material. Today Julien has spread his activity between design, graphics, Product Design teaching and his own objects made from ceramics but also leather and wood.












Discover the Superproducteur products made in the ceramic workshop