Spice up your offer with the culinary help of Organic Fine Chickpeas Cream with Lemon and Cumin!

More economical, ecological and practical, our cooking aids have been designed for an aperitif-dinner even more engaged and adapted to your needs!

👨‍🍳 For professionals: our artisanal recipes allow you to save time on the creation of your aperitif boards, meals on the go and gourmet dishes

🏡For individuals: they are perfect for preparing a barbecue banquet or cooking your dishes of the week!

And to inspire you, here are some simple ideas for setting up with our cooking aid of Organic Fine Chickpeas Cream with Lemon and Cumin!

A re-fill offer for my customers

If glass is the best material in terms of product conservation and recyclability for our spreads, the best waste is what we do not produce!

This is why we have developed very generous formats from 500g to 650g, allowing the implementation of a re-fill offer for your customers!

Nothing could be simpler for this, the client reports:

  • his jar to fill it again with his favorite recipe,
  • a container of his choice to choose the desired quantity,

A more flexible, ecological and economical offer throughout the chain!

Simple and tasty recipes for my preparations

Designed to facilitate your set-up, our cooking aids have a home-made taste and save you time. Their economical format is not too big to avoid losses and gain flexibility (from 500g to 1.7kg for pickled vegetables).

We offer you some inspiration to capsize the taste buds with Organic Fine Chickpeas Cream with Lemon and Cumin hummus style (in a lighter version, worked in emulsion and without garlic).

Photo credit : Superproducteur

A base for your sandwich, bagels and toast

Gourmet, our Fine creams allow you, thanks to their fine and generous texture, to serve as a base for making dishes on the go!

  • Our Fine Chickpeas Cream with Lemon and Cumin, supple and fragrant, is an ideal base in association with our antipasti and other slightly acidulous pickles such as Zucchinis or Grilled Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The little extra, roasted hazelnuts for the crunchy and toasted side!
  • with grilled beef or lamb or falafels. The little extra: a few chopped mint leaves for an oriental version offered by Chef Aris of Restaurant A la Folie 🌿

Preparation of pies, veggie bowls and dipping sauces

The Fine Organic Chickpeas Cream with Lemon and Cumin is particularly suitable for the preparation of recipes and sauces. Our generous rillettes with a strong taste are also perfect for adding texture and character to your dishes.

So you can quickly create pretty tasty recipes,

With the Organic Fine Chickpeas Cream with Lemon and Cumin, prepare:

  • a fabulous vegan sauce for a pasta dish
  • a nice accompaniment for your veggie bowls
  • to dip various mezze such as vegetables, falafels
  • garnish your pie and pizza bases for dishes to share that are both classic and revisited!

Photo credit : Superproducteur

decline your recipes with all our cooking aids!

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