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Unmissable Craft beer from Bordeaux, Maison PIP offers good and organic collaborative nectars to the delight of our taste buds! Zoom on the Craft Beer phenomenon and this perfect ally of the committed aperitif-dinner.

Craft beer, a revolution from across the Atlantic

Breaking down on the aperitif table, craft beer has established itself in recent years, even in wine-growing areas! 😉 What makes Craft Beer? The Craftsmen of course! But not only …

Straight from the United States, the term Craft beer intends to give its letters of nobility to the know-how of the master brewers who are rampant in the malt empire! But is not Not everybody can become a Craftsman. Regulated across the Atlantic, this title is reserved for small independent brewers who use traditional ingredients to make their beer. No flavor or plant!

Increasingly popular around the world, Craft beer and more widely craft beer from microbreweries are exported. While France does not yet have its Brewers association, today many brewing workshops are established and offer unique beers.

The result: a rich choice of nectars to satisfy all tastes! As an individual, you can even improvise Zythologue or brewer thanks to the fun workshops offered in many cities. Maison PIP, a collaborative brewery par excellence, offers it with professional tools with capacities adapted to brewing for individuals, and it is very rare to find this in the city…


Collaborative and lively beers

At Maison PIP, or Pressure Imperfectly Perfect, the recipes are the fruit of the imagination of visitors – collective and unique creations made with love in their workshop, near Bordeaux, in Bègles.
Living recipes, which have their own identity!

More than a beer, the House offers a sharing of know-how and a friendly creative project using natural and organic products. Values that we share and that’s why we have selected a crazy duo for you!

🍋 The Super Blanche, a thirst-quenching and refreshing recipe

🍊 The Super Blonde, for those fond of gourmet Pale Ale with a touch of bitterness

What better way to go with the Superproducteur committed recipes as an aperitif ? Nada, nulla, NICHTS

The super combinations

I order my perfect pairing

and for professionals in the food industry?

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Friends mixologists, oenologists, chefs, wine merchants or gourmets, discover all the information on the pro site.
Something to inspire you to create great pairings for your new card.

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