Pierre André Dolciami – The Canard Sauvage

We went to meet Pierre-André on the Belgian side near Brussels to learn more about his history and his establishment: Le Canard Sauvage

The ideal place to have a coffee, a glass of wine and buy your bread. A plural place full of charm that we invite you to discover.

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Who are you?
Hello, my name is Pierre André, I come from the Niçoise region and I am passionate about Wine!


Could you tell us about your background?

After unsuccessful medical studies I went to London for a year to improve my English and especially to get into the world of work. There I worked as a Barista in a small Coffee Bar and in the evening I did some substitutions in a wine bar. This is where my attraction to this drink comes from! I therefore embarked on a BTS in Wine and Spirits, between Gaillac and Bordeaux, before doing a License and a Master in Agen to become sales manager of the agri-food units.

At the time, I wanted to turn to large wine trading structures, but as the son and brother of a Butcher-Caterer, I quickly realized that I preferred to work with small artisans. So I looked for work and responded to a wine merchant’s offer, who offered a wine bar to take over. In November 2014 I landed in Brussels where I met Nicolas Mouchart. We shook hands and after a month and a half of working on the project I opened my own wine bar. It was a real pleasure to rediscover the “wine bar” atmosphere, talking about the producers, their work, the care taken in the vines and in the vinification. Then, with time running out, I met my wife and we had a baby boy. Night hours being incompatible with family life, I decided to sell my wine bar to a group of enthusiasts.

Could you tell us the story of your multiple locations: cafe bar, grocery store but also greengrocer and caterer? What atmosphere did you want to create there?

In 2018 the Wild Duck was for sale and we decided to resume the adventure with two partners, Gaël a former Barista expert in teas and coffees, Nicolas, an expert in management and taxation and me, a wine lover.

For a year we had gradually refined the identity of the place by working with a chef and offering different products directly from producers.


How did you organize yourself during this particular period to continue the adventure of the Wild Duck?

In the context of Covid 19, we rented part of our place 6 days a week to a market gardener: the Ferme du Peuplier. To support them, we then did take-away sales on weekends.

Since then, we have kept this “market-like” spirit, where customers can buy their fruit and vegetables and sit down to eat and drink the products we offer.

We will soon be offering aperitif boards with bread, cold cuts, cheese and Superproducteur recipes!

You offer beautiful products; wine, coffee, bread. Directly from the producers. How do you get them?

With my partner Gaël, we love products from farmers, local producers and delicatessen products.

We select producers engaged in organic farming, but not only! First of all, we like working with small peasant producers who offer good products and who sometimes are not certified because they just cannot afford it… For wines, we mainly select natural and biodynamic wines. We do a lot of showings to find these wonders.

For us, a satisfied customer is a customer who advertises us through word of mouth! We are also very attentive to the opinions and addresses that our customers might give us. If a product offered by a customer seems good and transparent to us in terms of production, then we contact the supplier and offer for sale with us.



Could you tell us a dish you like preparing?

I really like cooking the 7-hour Provençal-style lamb, pork in all its forms, forgotten vegetables or even pasta!

What do you think are the essential elements of the perfect aperitif? (casting, products, context, location…)

As a big fan of wine… I will mainly choose the place according to the wine list (laughs). But as a son and brother of a craftsman butcher, I also go out and look for good products. I like places that are not too stuffy, fairly simple, with a reduced menu offering seasonal dishes. For an aperitif, I always drink a chiseled, mineral and straight white, Chenin style. And then I’m a big fan of Beaujolais, so let’s continue with a plain Beaujolais with poultry rillettes.


Why did you choose to offer the Superproducteur recipes?

I had been able to taste the products when I was running my wine cellar but I already had a selection of products. When we took over the Wild Duck I tried to find them because I found them great.

What is your favorite Superproducteur recipe?

Difficult question because I find all the recipes really good! My favorite is the Chicken Rillettes, then the Organic Fine Artichoke Cream as a veggie.

Why and with which wine / other products of your selection would you like to offer it?

As said previously, each wine has its accompaniment: rillettes with a natural gamay-type red (Beaujolais, Touraine etc.), creams with dry and fresh whites or rosé. Fish rillettes with more opulent and fatty whites.

We find at your place our brand new Crème Fine d’Olives Green Lucques! What pairing or recipe do you imagine with this novelty? Rather white?

Well no, for this Hérault olive recipe, I would rather imagine a rosé wine from the south such as the Bob Singlar Domaine de la Mongestine plain rosé. A wonder !

What can we wish you?

Success and good wine!

Where, when, why ?

Le Canard Sauvage : Grocery, Cave, Caterer

Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Chaussée de la Hulpe 194
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Services: Catering and Grocery during the lockdown

+32 2 311 60 20

A emporter ou deguster sur place !

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