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On the Bordeaux side, on the right bank of the Garonne, Laetitia

cultivates vines and tastes well made wine. She opens the doors to her estate and her passion: sharing what wine is.

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Who are you? What is your background?

I like to present myself as a wine explorer, I draw my inspiration from my story.
At home during my studies, I realized how reassuring the wine world was for me and linked to my childhood. After a detour through very different sectors, I took over the family organic wine-growing property near Lussac at Château Vieux Mougnac. I add a touch of creativity and curiosity to make wine accessible through my world for everyone.


Where does your passion for wine and your commitment to organic come from?

I was lucky that my grandparents already do organic. It is therefore above all a story of family loyalty. This is where I got my passion for wine grown without artifice because I grew up with the idea that to have a grape and therefore a good quality wine, you have to take care of nature. So I continued to pass on what they taught me. I don’t have that idealized image of organic that some of my relatives sometimes have who have lived in cities. I saw what that involved, my parents worked a lot more than the others and were subject to the vagaries of the weather. I could see the impact it had on the way of working. Organic is not just a philosophy but a way of life. Chemicals are replaced by labor – time and people. And if in large structures it is enough to hire, when we are little we just work more!


Which winegrower are you?

In my work, I am very inspired by biodynamics. It is an exciting approach, preventive rather than curative, based on regular observation work. I thus bring vigor to the plant with homeopathy to prevent disease.

I offer my organic wine made up of 70% Merlot – with tight bunches and rounded leaves – and 30% Cabernet Franc, in the longer form. A balance characteristic of the right bank of Bordeaux, adapted to its cold clay-limestone soil.
I chose direct selling to master the product from start to finish. It is very different from the work of a cooperator for example, the approach is not the same because we speak directly to those who consume the product. I can’t see myself not knowing who drinks my wine, that would be just part of my job!

What do you think are the essential ingredients for obtaining a good wine?

As for the Superproducteur recipes: good ingredients! We need grapes in good sanitary condition, not damaged or rotten. To do this it takes work all year round. Tillage by limiting the grasses conducive to the invasion of predators. Work in the vines with balanced leaf stripping to compensate for the rot caused by the morning dew in summer, but also to protect the fruits from the sun.

What are the similarities with the Superproducteur approach?

Apart from the quality of the ingredients, we have in common a mission of “accountability”, on the one hand, of the producer, which de facto forces him to think about his way of working in order to give a product that is the best possible. On the other hand, consumer empowerment, by giving meaning to their purchase.


Can you present Lo Wine to us in a few words?

It all started with the frost on April 26 and 28, 2017, which prevented the vines from flowering and because of which we lost everything that year. It showed us how everything can change very quickly, and at the same time we did not want to give up this profession of passion.

So I initiated wine tastings, which gradually became my main activity in which I thrive. I am therefore mobilizing my expertise to make wine accessible, fun, interactive. You just have to be curious!

I offer different formats, for individuals with tastings at the property, digital tasting kits to make your own organic wine at home and workshops dedicated to companies! [Find all the information on the website]

We had the chance to experience this workshop with the Superproducteur Team that you now know from the inside. What did you take away from the Superproducteur spirit?

This workshop allowed me to see that like me, you participate in creating closeness between the consumer and the producer: “smugglers” between the world of producers and that of consumers, with respect for each other.


What values do you share? And what did you like to convey?

I find myself in the work of promoting producers, to offer quality products that have the least possible harmful impact on the environment. I liked to animate this convivial moment of analogy between the assembly of the wine and the teamwork to contribute to boost the team around the aperitif!


As for aperitif, what are for you the essential elements of the perfect aperitif? [casting, products, context, location…]

With good friends, not necessarily a breathtaking view, more an atmosphere than a place, with quality products ”and Polo & Pan in the background.

A vintage of your creation that you would like to advise us for our confined aperitifs?

The 2010 vintage of Château Vieux Mougnac. Very fruity with silky tannins, it is ideal with spicy, tangy or creamy dishes.


On the pairing side, your 3 principles for a successful association?

Very simply, we can use three parameters:

  • the color, associate food and white wines for example
  • temperature, fresh wines with cold preparations
  • and the complementarity of tastes, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, for example by opting for a sweet wine with auvergne blue



Can you share with us your 5 perfect pairings with a Superproducteur recipe? Why this pairing? And how is that the perfect match?

The important thing in a pairing is to choose complementary foods and wines in terms of taste and texture.


What’s your favorite recipe? Why?

The “problem” with growing up on a farm is that you love everything! (laughs). I like the artichoke very much, it has a strong taste, although it is more difficult to match. I would see it with a light red from the Loire.


While waiting to be able to discover or rediscover your workshops, how can we help you?

On Thursdays I offer live sessions on instagram! On December 3, we did an interview with food and wine pairings with Pauline in Darwin! [find IGTV on this Instagram account]

where when how?

L.O Wine : Wine tastings for professionals and individuals
Darwin Ecosystème – 87 Quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux
+33(0) 6 16 92 07 38

Château Vieux Mougnac : Organic wine
36 Mougnac
33570 Petit-Palais et Cornemps, France

+33(0) 5 57 69 72 85



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