Harmony – Les Macarons de Réau

It is near Paris, and at the same time far from the bustle of the capital, that we find Harmony in its bucolic haven of peace, Le Domaine de Réau,
She tells us more about the history and atmosphere of her place…

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Who are you?
I am Harmony, I was born, raised and live in Réau!

What is your background?

I began by studying art history and Chinese language before returning to the commercial fiber inherited from my parents by bringing my touch to the family business…

What is the history of Réau’s Macarons and of your estate?

The history of macaroons begins fifty years ago in 1968 in Rebais, where a lady who called herself “Aunt Ginette” walked the roads and salons to sell her handmade macaroons. My parents took up the adventure again in the 1990s when I was little. The original itinerant sales method was therefore not ideal. They therefore decided to set up their macaroon workshop in Réau with a shop.
For the development of our recipes, we work with small producers of poppy syrup, or even essential oil of lemon from chin.
When I joined the adventure ten years ago, I brought in a new project to diversify our activities by creating the Domaine.

Can you tell me more about the different types of experience and the atmosphere you provide in your workshop / tea room?

The macaroon workshop is located outside the village, on the estate we have installed a tea room with a “suspended” terrace above the pond and the park where we can find our donkey and our goats. It receives visitors on Sundays for brunch and more recently in the evening on weekends for concerts. The atmosphere is very warm, we know most of our customers who come almost every weekend. It’s very family-friendly too, we welcome parents with their children, older people and more and more young people.

How did you organize yourself during this particular period to continue to maintain the connection with clients?

With the lockdown, many visits were canceled and we had to adapt to resume activity. We therefore decided to offer live concert evenings on Friday and Saturday, where we can come and taste boards of artisan products with cheese, cold meats, chips and rillettes with Hot bread for tasting! For example, we are currently offering a flower tomme, delicious and pretty!
These evenings are going well, you have to book and our clientele is even more diverse. Our customers can then drop by the grocery store to bring home the products they enjoyed.

What type of music can we find there?

We mainly welcome duets during our evenings, always with an instrument, bass, guitar, piano or others. The register is varied, mainly pop-rock, folk and soul from the 70s to 2000s like Amy Winehouse, Queen, Stevie Wonder or Elton John. No heavy metal and at the same time something to practice.

A dish that you like to prepare?

I love making cupcakes, for brunch I offer a savory Ratatouille version with a cream cheese topping.
For the house, I like to prepare a good chicken marinated in Provence herbs with hash browns accompanied by a small red wine AOC Crozes Hermitage.


What do you think are the essential elements of the perfect aperitif? [casting, products, context, location…]

A good beer accompanied by Langoustine Rillettes, a hummus and homemade chips, on Love of My Life by Queen in my little corner of paradise, on my terrace, almost feet in the water with the donkey and the goats . (and especially far from cars!)


Why did you choose to offer the Superproducteur recipes?

I was looking for easy to use spreads, I found a tapenade producer near me but I had to find some rillettes! I then looked for recipes from local producers, but mostly found large containers that were not very elegant. This is exactly what I liked about Superproducteur: a nice look and a practical ready-to-eat and anti-waste format because, as we don’t open every evening, we can’t have open bulk formats. I also appreciated the advice and responsiveness of the team but also the emphasis on the producers and the terroir on the product. I therefore selected the Pork rillettes (essential for an aperitif) and the Sea rillettes, recipes that differ from the other meat products on offer.

What’s your favorite Superproducteur recipe?

I really like the Langoustine and Hake rillettes with Pastis!

Why and how do you like to cook it?

I love the aniseed side of Hake Rillettes with pastis that call for an aperitif.
I simply offer them with hot bread!

What can we wish you?

Prosperity ! (laughs) but also that our customers remain loyal to us and especially good health!


where when how?

Le Domaine des Macarons de Réau : Pâtisserie Epicerie Fine Salon de Thé

970 rue Frédéric Sarazin, 77550 Réau
06 06 72 85 82

Wednesday to Thursday from 2 to 6 p.m.
From Friday to Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m.
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


To savor on their beautiful terrace!

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