Roberto is found from the heart of the Piedmontese landscape.

In his family business, vegetables are cultivated with care and prepared with love for a feast all year round …


The small family structure of six employees that Roberto manages today was born in Tuscany in the early sixties. It was then an agricultural company specializing in fresh produce.

The idea of cooking and selling the vegetables grown on site came in the 1980s.

Relocated to sunny Piedmont, the company now combines the cultivation and preparation of vegetables directly on the farm to control the entire chain.

The love of a good product

Roberto cultivates a wide variety of vegetables, naturally and respecting the seasons.

The tomatoes and artichokes in our antipasti, emblematic of the Italian sweetness of life, are thus cultivated with respect for organic farming, without any use of phytosanitary products.

They are harvested by hand, after soaking up the sun and the good Piedmont air.

Thanks to a knowledge for which the Italians remain the undisputed masters, Roberto then prepares his vegetables in his cannery installed directly on the farm….




What I want is to offer a natural and tasty local product.

Roberto – producer of our Artichokes and Tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil.

Preparing the treasures of Piedmont

 In his cannery, Roberto masters the art of antipasti, this “mezze” typical of Italian gastronomy that is traditionally eaten literally “before the dishes”. Like the gherkin in French gastronomy, it accompanies cold meats and cheeses all year round, while maintaining an agriculture that respects the natural cycle of the seasons.

For this, once the tomatoes and artichokes have been harvested, Roberto cooks them in a traditional and natural way, without additives or preservatives, 0km from the field. The tomatoes are semi-dried in the oven while the artichoke hearts are dried and then delicately grilled before being delicately seasoned.

They are then immersed in extra virgin Italian olive oil that the aromatics will delicately flavor and are pasteurized to ensure that the flavors are preserved.

Between delicacy and freshness, the tomatoes and artichoke hearts thus cooked retain their distinct taste and texture.

Technical sheet of the operation


Why is Roberto a Super Producer?

Because he puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

Roberto’s Artichoke and Tomato hearts are grown in season, sun-kissed and harvested when fully ripe, and enhanced by extra virgin olive oil to regain their exceptional flavor and texture throughout the year

Because he participates in the development of the territory

Harvested by hand, Roberto’s vegetables are cooked directly at their place of harvest, in a recipe workshop integrated into the farm and combined with simple and tasty ingredients, sourced locally.

Because he is committed to the ecological transition

Roberto cultivates his Artichokes and Tomatoes organically and outdoors, without heated greenhouses. He therefore does not use pesticides or GMOs. The entire recipe is not certified because it is currently difficult to stock up on organic olive oil.

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