If he did not personally bring the basil back to the gardens of ancient Rome, Roberto is his proudest ambassador. Cultivated in a greenhouse in the hills of Genoa, this cherished aroma of Italian cuisine has found since 1947 at Roberto a natural expression and a fragrant flavor that works wonders on the nose, in the mouth and as a star ingredient in our fine cream…


International grand master of Pesto alla Genovese, creator of a world championship in mortar pesto, Roberto has been harvesting basil by hand from a young age on the heights of Genoa.
Named “royal herb” since Antiquity for its healing properties, Genoese basil is one of the culinary symbols of Liguria, a real geen gold that can be recognized by its intoxicating scent, its large, slightly embossed leaves and its soft green color that brings summer into the kitchen.

The star of the recipe: Basil from Genoa PDO

Roberto’s fresh basil comes exclusively from the PDO “Basilic of Genoa” growing area and is grown naturally in full compliance with the specifications of the appellation, which are: area of cultivation in biological conversion limited geographically, use of seeds of the Ocimum basilicum L. species, no use of methyl bromide or any phytosanitary product for soil sanitation, permanent ventilation of greenhouses, production limited to 10kg/m²/year, etc.

The art of the recipe

The specificities of the Ligurian soil and climate give basil unique flavors and colors that vary naturally with the seasons. From April to October for example, Roberto’s basil will give richer and fruitier aromas. This is why our Fine Cream of Basil PDO and Parmesan is unpasteurized: to keep the taste intact and the nutritional qualities of this lively, delicious and sensitive product, which requires special care from sowing to harvest.

Technical sheet of the operation

Gênes, Ligurie, Italy – 15 employees in 2020
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Why is Roberto a Super Producer?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

His basil is grown exclusively in the PDO “Basil of Genoa” growing area, according to specifications that guarantee the preservation of unique aromas and colors, typical of the region.

He participates in the development of the territory

Genoa Basil is a very sensitive plant that requires special care from sowing to harvest. Roberto’s traditional knowledge has been preserved over the years, allowing a respectful harvest of the product.

He is committed to the ecological transition

To clean the soil, the producers of Basil of Genoa PDO use a traditional and natural method: before sowing, the soil of the crop is covered and water vapor is diffused under the greenhouse cover without using phytosanitary products.