Based in the heart of Provence, Raphaëlle has rehabilitated an ancestral culture long neglected by conventional agriculture: that of chickpeas. This miracle legume, which is experiencing a return to hype in the hummus format on all the new Mediterranean tables on the planet, has been used since the Middle Ages for its many virtues. And in addition, Raphaëlle converted it to organic..

About the producer:

After studying legal matters, Raphaëlle took over the family business in 2001, at the crossroads of the Luberon and the Gorges du Verdon, and began growing chickpeas. This low-water-demanding legume, adapted to the dry and stony soils of the region, is very useful in crop rotation. Of the 28 hectares of Raphaëlle’s farm, 14 are therefore dedicated to her, the rest being divided between the cultivation of small spelled, soft wheat, barley, protein peas and durum wheat.

A product that is good for the taste buds, but not only

Entirely converted to organic farming since 2008 (France Quality Control), Raphaëlle cultivates chickpeas according to European specifications, without phytosanitary products and without GMOs.

From a nutritional point of view, the legume with a thousand virtues is naturally rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals (potassium) and dietary fiber. Particularly low in fat, it also contains neither gluten nor cholesterol, and is excellent for intestinal health.

The workshop on a human scale

So good, and even more since our Organic Chickpea Fine Cream, inspired by Lebanese hummus, puts Raphaëlle’s chickpeas in the spotlight !

Creamy, smoother and more fluid than Mediterranean hummus, our delicately lemony cream is spiced up with white pepper and cumin, seasoned without garlic for more lightness and emulsified with a delicious black fruity Provence Olive Oil from a neighboring farm. Perfect on a toasted toast or for dipping crunchy vegetables.

Workshop’s technical sheet

Les Mées, Alpes de Haute Provence, France – 3 employees in 2020
Our quality chart

Why is Raphaelle a Super Producer?

She puts her knowledge at the service of eating well

Raphaëlle has rehabilitated the forgotten culture of chickpeas, a legume with countless nutritional virtues: rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals, it is also low in fat.

She participates in the development of the territory:

Total control of the production chain, from drying to sterilization, including cooking. This integration of the recipe workshop makes it possible to hire people and create a regular activity in the region.

She is committed to the ecological transition:

Raphaelle’s farm has been fully converted to organic since 2008 and is polyculture oriented, with chickpeas being an excellent nitrogen fixator in cereal rotations in organic farming.