Pierre, in the shadow of the olive trees.

Settled in the hills of Languedoc, Pierre took over and developed the abandoned family estate to cultivate one of the region’s jewels: the Lucques Olive. This exceptional fruit in the shape of a crescent moon is often unrecognized outside neighboring lands. Pierre cultivates the fruits organically and we have fallen under the spell….

About the producer:

Pierre has chosen to make his activity and his estate a space of cohesion between nature and man. There he practices peasant agriculture, which helps to preserve and at the same time shape the landscape. A permaculture where everyone is in their place: plant, insect, animal and a man. If a man is only living to destroy this habitat, Pierre intends to protect it for current and future generations.

The cultivation of the olive tree in symbiosis with nature

According to Pierre, productivity is not a race. Olive cultivation is natural, without chemicals, without irrigation thanks to an ingenious system of basins on the hillside to cope with the three months of drought that the region is accustomed to.

On the estate, the olive tree is not simply cultivated for its production of olives and oil. At his feet, other plants grow in symbiosis with him. So no question of pulling up a tree that would produce less than another! Medicinal plants, vegetable patches, beehives benefit from its shade and protect it in return. 

Because if the mono culture promotes the spread of diseases, in the absence of other plants to shelter the pests, the cohabitation of several plants as Pierre allows on the contrary a natural mutual protection.

The Olivier is the bearer of memories, of the family passion but also of the different French varieties of olives such as Lucques, Amelhau, Picholine, Verdale, Olivier or Rougette. On the estate, the olive tree remains the key to balance.

Like the tallest tree in the forest, the olive tree is the habitat and the link between all.

Pierre – farmer producer of Lucques Vertes Olives)

A human symbiosis, too!

The estate was founded in 1957 from the passion of Pierre’s grandfather, who created an olive grove of French varieties of nearly 17 hectares in a few years. After his death and ten years of abandonment, Pierre decided to reconnect with the family heritage and develop the olive business.

Soon joined by his mother and brother and sister, he now cultivates near

10,000 olive trees on around 30 hectares! Pierre’s mother, a true figure and memory of the place, also welcomes visitors to the shop. The family business now has nine employees. Everyone contributes to building the history of the company, according to their background and passions, like Mylène, who imagined a treasure hunt among the olive trees.

Chefs also come from all over France to immerse themselves in this ecosystem and work with the fruits of the estate. The beehives, vegetable garden and medicinal herbs are cultivated by local enthusiasts.

The family estate also welcomes the curious for tours, pruning olive trees and staying in the cottage and the farmer’s restaurant of the house.

The philosophy of the estate ? Educate yourself, eat well and learn from interactions with others

Pierre, Lucques Vertes olive farmer

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Why is Pierre a Super Producer?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well:

Pierre has professionally developed the cultivation of local, French varieties of olives, which is important in the region. A fruit that he cultivates in a peasant way, forming a balanced ecosystem.

He participates in the development of territory:

Pierre cultivates and processes the olives directly on the estate, only the cooking is done in a workshop 20km away.

He is committed to the ecological transition:

The 10,000 olive trees in Pierre have been cultivated extensively, organically since 2008 and permaculture since 2017. Pierre doesn’t irrigate and doesn’t use any pesticides or chemical preservatives.

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