Established for 25 years in the terroir of La Chalosse, one of the historic strongholds of foie gras, Philippe is very attached to the quality of the foie gras he offers.


Philippe first worked for large Houses, before launching his own activity in 1991 to devote himself exclusively to foie gras.

A rigorous and permanent selection of the best foie gras which has earned it the confidence of the most beautiful starred restaurants in France, from Alain Ducasse to the Troisgros Brothers and Hélene Darroze to Georges Blanc. And ours at the same time!

From the kitchen to the plates of the chefs

Having established a privileged contact with a dozen artisanal farms in the area, Philippe is supplied every day with mulard ducks, a rustic breed resulting from a cross between the common duck and the Muscovy duck. The mulard produces high-weight, high-quality foie gras that meets Philippe’s requirements.

The ducks are born, raised (16 weeks in the open air) and prepared in the Landes, fed with cereals grown on the farm (corn, soya, sunflower) until reaching their cruising weight of around 4 kg, then are force-fed with yellow farm corn kernels, softened in hot water, to a weight of about 6.5 kg. All in accordance with the strict specifications of the IGP Foie Gras du Sud-Ouest, an official sign of the quality and origin for which Philippe has obtained certification by the Qualisud organization.

Foie gras, an exceptional knowledge

During the season, from December to April, Philippe selects the livers one by one in an intractable way according to different criteria: the pieces of extra flexible duck foie gras weigh between 450 and 550 grams (between 400 and 700 g) and must not present any spot or hematoma. He then cooks our Whole Duck Foie gras with Armagnac and coarse pepper directly in the terroir of La Chalosse. The Armagnac and coarse pepper marinade gives it fruity and spicy flavors while preserving its melting texture. The guarantee of a Foie Gras with traceability back to the hatchery and of exceptional quality, closely linked to the know-how of Philippe, his small producers and the Landes territory.

Technical sheet of the operation

Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitiane, France – 8 employees in 2019
Our quality chart

Why is Philippe a Super Producer?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

All the foie gras are carefully selected and prepared within 12 hours, with just a little Armagnac, salt and pepper, which gives them exceptional taste and texture!

He participates in the development of the territory

Philippe gets his supplies from small family farms, long-standing partners and close to his laboratory.

He is committed to the ecological transition

Philippe promotes short circuits and the direct link with local producers. He is also committed to IGP certification, which guarantees that the production steps take place within a defined perimeter, further reducing the distance between the players and the CO₂ emissions linked to transport!