Coming from Bretagne, Julien loves the sea. He is a cooking enthusiast who anchored himself in the North Finistere almost fifteen years ago.


At the cleat every morning at the auctions of Roscoff, Brest or Douarnenez, his marayeur brings him back in his nets, fish and seafood from local and sustainable fishing. What a great thing to capsize the aperitif-dinner table…


A childhood passion

Born in Alsace but raised in Landivisiau, the historic capital of the Breton horse, Julien turned to fish in 2005 by setting up his seafood processing workshop in a former butcher’s shop near Morlaix.

A far-fetched story? Rather a healthy vocation, considering his lifelong passion for gastronomy and the central place of fish in the region’s culinary tradition.

I want to work with recipes that are rich in fish because i don’t want to denature this noble raw material.

Julien – producer of Rillettes de la Mer

A taste for quality

From the auctions of Loctudy, Guilvinec, Roscoff, Saint-Quay-Portrieux or Douarnenez, all the fish and seafood that make up our rillettes – Saint-Jacques, Tourteaux, Mackerel, Merlus, Langoustines – come from local fishing and sustainable in strictly delimited waters of the North-East Atlantic. Finally, in accordance with our chart, no overfishing or endangered species.

The seafood processing workshop complies with EEC approval regulations and the HACCP quality approach. All our seafood rillettes are cooked in a traditional way in Finistère. Alone at the task on his stainless steel table, Julien is a past master in the art of dressing and filleting, which guarantees the fish an ideal and unmatched traceability from scaling to rinsing.

Technical sheet of the operation

Finistère (29), Bretagne, France – 1 employee in 2019
Our quality chart

Why is Julien a Super Producer?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

All fish and shellfish are caught locally in strictly demarcated areas with upstream and downstream traceability.

He participates in the development of the territory

100% of fish and marine species purchases are made directly at local auctions in Finistere and our rillettes are cooked directly in a processing workshop located in the same region.

He is committed to the ecological transition

Like us, Julien refuses overfishing and that of endangered species. It also puts into practice the principles of sustainable fishing (methods, stock management) in order to best preserve marine biodiversity.