Franck is not the first bird to come. At his home, in the Eure, he has been raising poultry for almost thirty years. Without GMOs, excessive processing, animal meal or cereals of dubious origin. All it’s palmipeds and gallinacea are reared in the open air, fed with good grain grown on the family farm and pampered like roosters in paste..


In 1989, Franck and Christelle started poultry farming with the creation of a duck force-feeding workshop on 30 hectares. Thirty years later, their farm extends over a hundred hectares, of which 85 hectares are reserved for the production of cereals. 15 hectares are reserved for pasture poultry: ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, geese and turkeys. These animals are frolic freely and bottle-fed with wheat, corn and peas that are grown locally in responsible agriculture, with a lot of manure, compost and poultry slurry.

No 5 stars, but almost…

The poultry arrives being only one day old. They will spend their first weeks in a broiler in a controlled atmosphere. It’s hot, the straw bed is thick and their comfort is checked every day. They are then transferred to plots in the open air during the day, sheltered by canvas tunnels at night. The breeding is done slowly and naturally: breeding in Norman grass, grain from the farm, water at will, a few trees for shade and time to grow. At Franck’s, poultry takes time to mature, at least 15 weeks. A longer period than offered by most poultry houses and quality certifications, which allows them to express their full flavor potential.

A workshop on a human scale

The slaughterhouse is located on the farm, as is the rillette manufacturing workshop, both of which comply with EEC standards and have a HACCP process. All our poultry rillettes (Farm Goose, Barbary Duck and French Chicken) are therefore 100% Normandy and farmhouse: the poultry are raised, slaughtered, cut up and cooked on the farm. From the Norman meadow to the aperitif spread, we know exactly what our jars contain: simple, tasty and 100% natural products, with guaranteed origin.

Technical sheet of the operation

Eure, Normandie, France – 35 employees in 2019
Our quality chart

Why is Franck a Super Producer?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

No GMOs or industrial food cut from animal flour. All of his poultry are fed exclusively on grain that is grown on the farm.This gives them a typical and unique taste!

He participates in the development of the territory

The slaughterhouse and the recipe workshop are both integrated into the operation. This encourages local employment and regular activity in the area.

He is committed to the ecological transition

Franck is committed to the implementation of good practices with the drastic reduction of fertilizers and phytosanitary products in the cultivation of his cereals.