Eric, the taste of Provence

It is in the south of France, in the heart of Vaucluse that Eric sets out in search of the best products of the region – like the black gold of Drôme Provençale, organically grown not far from his workshop.

Àbout the  producer

For more than 50 years, Eric’s family business has selected raw materials from the region, such as Black Olives from the Drôme Provençale from the neighboring cooperative, to sublimate them through recipes that have the flavor of Provence. At his side, Albert, a local child, ensures that the recipes transmit the philosophy of the house by carefully cooking the fruits and vegetables of the country, without distorting them.


The spirit of the Provencal market

The company Eric works in was founded by Odette in the 1970s. In her early days, Odette ran a stand in the Provençal markets, where her recipes concocted in the family kitchen were mixed with dried cod on the stalls.

Quickly, her recipes met with success and this “market woman” set up her activity in a small factory. Soon, she opened a first store, then a second where Eric started working more than 15 years ago.

Today, the family-owned business has just over fifteen employees and several shops. The spirit however remains the same: a “rigorous, no frills or excess” approach based on products combining taste and quality.

At the same time, the company continues to improve its HACCP approach and hopes to soon obtain Global Market certification, a guarantee of high quality for food safety.

“Even today we want to keep the spirit of Provençal markets, colorful and diversified”

Eric – producer of our Fine Cream of Black Olives from Drôme Provençale

La Tanche des Baronnies,
the local treasure

For the realization of our Organic Fine Cream of Black Olives from Drôme Provençale, Eric works hand in hand with the neighboring olive-growing cooperative. Located about a hundred kilometers from his workshop, he selects the star of our recipe: the Tanche des Baronnies.

This variety is only cultivated in the territories of Drôme and Vaucluse. It is even the subject of a protected designation of origin, PDO Nyons, the oldest French geographical indication for olives. Naturally very pulpy, its “wrinkled” appearance, its flesh is purplish and its aromas of almond and hazelnut make it a unique fruit of character, the cultivation and preparation of which is mastered by local producers.

Cultivated and “de-bittered” in accordance with the organic specifications of the sector, thanks to the brining technique, they are pitted, crushed and sieved in the workshop to remove any pieces of their large stone. The smooth cream thus obtained is simply seasoned with vinegar for natural preservation, thyme and pepper. The result is an exceptional product which reveals all the organoleptic qualities of this variety so specific to the region. Quality and local roots are all the more essential at a time when less than 2% of the olives consumed in France are of French origin …



Technical sheet of the operation

Vaucluse, France  – 18 employees in 2020
Our quality chart

Why is Eric a Super Producer?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

By selecting quality products and enhancing them through simple and natural recipes like our Organic Fine Cream of Black Olives from the Drôme Provençale prepared with olives, a little thyme vinegar and pepper quite simply !

He participates in the development of the territory

Eric proceeds to the transformation of olives close to their region of culture, Drôme and Vaucluse, less than 100km from olive trees.

He is committed to the ecological transition

The olives selected by Eric come from organic farming and processing, and travel a short distance to his workshop.