It thrills our taste buds with its specialties: marinated and candied vegetables in extra virgin olive oil: the crème de la crème of Italian antipasti…


Emilio grew up in the hills of Alto Monferrato, in the heart of the Piedmontese landscape, its land and its mountains. In the 1920s, his grandfather had built a solid reputation there in the harvest and preparation of porcini mushrooms, which inspired his father to create a cannery, a showcase for the best products from the region. In their footsteps, it was only natural that Emilio started harvesting and preparing mushrooms and vegetables twenty years ago.

A family adventure

While the company has modernized, passion, competence, reliability and attention to taste have remained at the center of the daily commitment of Emilio and his wife Marina.

The work of vegetables is always done by hand. Most are grown in family fields, others nearby, but always in season and without heated greenhouses.

For our antipasti, they carefully select eggplants and zucchini, grown less than 2km from their workshop, and harvested at full maturity. They are then prepared in the workshop with the greatest care, taking care not to denature them.



“The challenge is to lock in the scents and flavors of barely harvested vegetables, evoking the primary sensations engraved in our memory”

Emilio – producer of our Eggplant and Zucchini in extra virgin olive oil.

The crunchy art of antipasto

Cut and seasoned with local spices and Italian extra virgin olive oil in his workshop, zucchini and eggplant are lightly marked (to give them a nice color).

They are then put in brine, in a mixture of water, sugar and vinegar for conservation before being immersed in extra virgin olive oil to give them even more flavor and roundness while preserving their texture. crunchy.

Even very ripe, the vegetables thus worked retain a nice firmness on the plate of the aperitif-dinner. The eggplants are tender and delicately tangy, the zucchini shines the Piedmont sun in your salads. For our range of pickled vegetables, and after months of research, Emilio has agreed: Italians are the undisputed masters of antipasto!

Technical sheet of the operation

Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy – 28 EMPLOYEES IN 2020
Our quality charter

Why is Emilio a Super Producer?

Because he puts his knowledge at the service of eating well

Its vegetables are hand-worked from the field to the jar, picked in full season, at full maturity, cooked in the traditional way, without additives or preservatives, and pasteurized to guarantee their quality over the long term.

Because he participates in the development of the territory

The vegetables used as antipasti are grown in neighboring fields, less than 2km away and selected directly by Emilio. They are then cooked in its full-size workshop, guaranteeing upstream control of the production chain and priority given to local workers.

Because he is committed to the ecological transition

Taking over the reins of the family house, Emilio has chosen the path of good and good, growing most of his vegetables and endeavoring to only work with products grown in season, without heated greenhouses or phytosanitary products.