Biagio, the grain of pulia

Biagio’s credo? Offering innovative recipes that are beneficial for the body and the planet, using unprocessed ingredients that are better for you.

Alongside his son and daughter, Biagio works with the natural, local and ancient wheat flours of the family business, to bring all their crunch, their gluttony and their nutritional value to our organic crackers.

About the  PRODUCER

In 1998, the family business moved to a former farm in the Gargano natural region, in Puglia. Former banker, astronomer and staunch vegetarian, Biagio, decides to continue the local production of olive oil, wheat or almonds, while offering innovative recipes. Healthy and accessible, the recipes are made without animal products such as milk or eggs, and have rich nutritional values. Today, the children are gradually taking up the family torch.

Cultivate the land and respect it

In collaboration with the Foggia Cereal Institute, a veritable cereal bank that contains old and preserved varieties of grains, Biagio and his children have developed recipes from unmodified genetically modified wheat. They are grown organically a few kilometers from the workshop, like Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, an ancient wheat emblematic of southern Italy and its gastronomy.

Ground, this wheat is naturally rich in proteins, fibers, minerals, antioxidants.

For our Wheat, Chickpea and Turmeric Crackers, it is soft wheat grown directly in family fields that we have chosen to combine with the properties of chickpea flour.

Raw materials respectful of the environment, drawing their roots in the history of their territory and which form a high-quality basis for our recipes.


«Everything is born from the field that is cultivated with respect for the earth, including the oven and the production of flour.»

Biagio – producer of our Organic Crackers 

The choice of cereals

For our crackers, the flours are combined with various spices also known for their nutritional properties, as well as local extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to this family know-how, we offer organic recipes rooted in the local agricultural tradition and adapted to many diets, without ingredients of animal origin or yeast. 

To sublimate these simple ingredients and obtain a quality, regular artisan product, the family business has invested in the latest tools for precise doughworking which gives our Crackers their leavened and crispy side. Local baking tradition and nutritional innovation therefore coexist in our healthy recipes which have the good taste of old bread.


Technical sheet

Apulia, Italy – 35 Employees in 2021
Our quality chart

Why is Biagio a Super Producer ?

He puts his knowledge at the service of eating well.

By cultivating the diversity of wheats and legumes produced locally in their recipes, for nutritionally rich recipes.

He participates in the development of the territory

The organic soft wheat and durum wheat flour used in the composition of our crackers comes from their farm and from producers located less than 10km from the workshop in a true short circuit logic.


He is committed to the ecological transition

Biagio imagines guaranteed recipes without chemical inputs,”superfoods” made from genetically intact ingredients, as the result of extensive research aimed at going beyond organic farming.