The concept

We make high season jars to realise gourmet dining aperitifs or greedy culinary preparations.
Inspired by the production process of our French and Italian grandmothers and the ones used by the Chefs to keep the flavours of the best seasonal products for several months – our collections are made of:

  • fine, fluid and smooth creams,
  • Chunky frayed rillettes,
  • Marinated, crunchy or melting pickles vegetables.

Our recipes are complementary both the textures and the tastes in order to combine them in a toast or in culinary preparation.

Our Promise

We exclusively work with French and Italian artisans without any intermediaries.

Our recipes are made from quality raw materials – purchased locally at most, close to the production workshops.

The whole making process is at the heart of our approach and we wish to be as transparent as possible about that.

Rillettes de poulet

The Jar

Because the eyes pleasure comes before the tasting one we have created a jar that appeals to greediness while preserving the legacy transmitted by our grandmothers.
With refined graphics and delicate and sensitive illustrations we wanted to rejuvenate the old-fashioned jars to make a gourmet and modern one for foodies.
Superproducteur labels

Who are we?

Superproducteur has been created by 3 enthusiasts with complementary skills.

Pauline is a foodie. After having worked in the consulting at Lenôtre and then at Alain Ducasse group where she has sharpened her palate and worked with talented Chefs, she has learnt the rudiments of cooked meats with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France – in the kitchens of Yannick Alléno to master the making of the recipes of Superproducteur.

Frank is a geeky web enthusiast. After his experience at major Web actors he has worked in a small agency where he has learnt the rudiments of the development for Superproducteur and thus directly deliver our products.

Julien is designer. He creates objects and furniture. He created the global identity – graphics, illustration, packaging, and the “Foodstyle” objects.

Superproducteur's Team