Superproducteur is an ethical brand of 100% natural and handcraft aperitive-diner recipes founded in 2014 by three groumets. Involved in the ecological transition with farmers and growers, we act for an healthier and safer eating pattern, in which tastes’, product’ and terroir’s truth prevail.

Our Philosophy

In order to eat better and eathealthier, we believe that food producers need to reprise their role at the heart of the food chain, becoming more than just an unseen link in a system dominated by highly-processed foods, often poor in nutrients but rich in sugar, fats and additives. Superproducteur’s mission is to promote the work of those superheroes who are pioneering the food and culinary revolution, adhering to the principles of the Slow Food movement to produce good, clean and fair food. Our approach to food combines the fundamentals of healthy and wholesome eating: local agriculture that is organic or in making the switch; smaller supply chains and greater biodiversity; fair trade, sustainable development and artisanal recipes that are prepared with seasonal produce, free from additives or conservatives; all the while observing a strict charter of ethics and quality control.

OUr recipes' range

Elaborated in French and Italian terroirs from local products of full season, our recipes translate this philosophy with more than twenty references to combine as you wish.  Spread on our Crackers or as a secret ingredient in a cooked preparation, our gourmet range allies all the tastes and textures wich make the nature salivate :

Fine and creamy Vegetable Spreads

Frayed by hand Rillettes 

Marinated vegetables antipasti

Crisps breads made with unrefined flours

Our ethic charter

Beyond being naturals, our recipes are elaborated in accordance with a drastic ethical and quality charter

Full season products from short circuits, biologic or in transition agriculture and sustainable fishing 

Recepies which go to the essential without  any chimical additives and preservatives, soft cooking and rational seasoning to ensure flavours preservation as well as a long conservation.  

Human scale structures with integrated workshops or located next to the growing area to reduce mediators and  pour réduire les intermédiaires and give a full push to economic tissue.

Our quality charter

Our strong commitment towards our producers and consumers consists in three points :

Promoting Healthy Eating

We firmly believe that eating
well contributes directly to our
sense of well-being and quality
of life. Our recipes are created
with highly nutritious produce,
free from unwanted additives, to
bring you the best in flavor and
promote good health.

Regional Development

From their preparation to their
distribution, our products are
brought to you with a minimum
amount of middlemen: the ingredients are sourced locally and the recipes are cooked directly
on site, either in small, non-industrial workshops or in close proximity to the farmland.
Everything is then shipped by us.

Ensuring Eco-Responsible Practice

Both through helping our producers make the switch to organic farming and by choosing
packaging that is responsible,
non-toxic and fully recyclable.
We also continuously strive to
create products that are better
for the environment.

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Consult our quality Charter (French)

Our Gourmet Founders


Frank is passionately fond of web,  
He was rubbing shoulders with the major
players of the web industry as Yahoo, Apple, Amazon, before learning the fundamentals of web development in a small agency to create Superproducteur’s digital tools.


Pauline is a good eating lover
She has been with both the Ducasse and Lenôtre groups, where she helped devise new menus and was working alongside talented chefs every day, before learning the basics of charcuterie in the kitchens of Yannick Alléno, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (awarded for prestige and professionalism in craftsmanship).


Julien is designer and the third associate, who brings the creative element to the business; he came up with Superproducteur’s visual identity, creating the imagery that has been born around the brand and that plays a unique role in the tasting experience.

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